India Food Yoga

yoga07 India’s food culture has varied hues, depending on the various religious beliefs, climate changes and produce found locally. The cuisine also differs a lot between South India, North India and Western India, owing to the tradition and beliefs of the region. The vegetarian diet forms an important part of the culturally rich Indian cuisine, which is rich in taste, texture and spices. In Delhi, you will find a blend of many cultures of the different parts of India and outside.

If you want to witness a lovely blend of history and taste in the food culture, there are a number of places which you can consider in India. Places like New Delhi, Jaipur, Rishikesh etc. offer a number of opportunities for  exploring the traditional Indian food culture.

There are also many Yogic food options available here, which are wholesome, healthy and filled with benefits for the mind and body.

Yoga and its many benefits

The union of mind, body and soul is known as Yoga. It symbolises the divine union of the self to the Higher Self and brings peace, harmony and bliss. This ancient Indian custom has many benefits. The Yoga postures aid in healing many body ailments, bring mental peace and clarity and better awareness. Each and every one can benefit from these timeless secrets of Indian Yoga. Guests willing to know more about Yoga practice which brings benefits that last a lifetime, we offer a Yoga tour with a combination of Yoga foods.

Yogic Foods

Yoga is a way of life and not simply some postures. It is a perfect blend of science and art showing the way to a balanced life with the correct type of foods. The Yogic diet is a vegetarian diet that is wholesome, nutritious, fresh and very lightly spiced. The basic characteristics and natural benefits of the components are largely preserved. Yoga does not classify food into fats, proteins and carbohydrates but according to the life force energy called Prana that it gives the body. The Yoga foods are called SATTVIC, meaning foods that purify the body as well as the mind.

Our Yoga food tours are designed to bring a complete package of the basics of Yoga with proper Yoga foods in a wonderfully serene ambience.

Learn Food Yoga

These Yogic food classes are specially designed for people who want to learn how to keep fit via a comination of some easy yoga exercises and healthy eating inspired by Yoga foods. In these yoga classes, we forgo the common stuff and utilize our time in learning the timeless tradition of Yoga. These Yoga Food class can be for a few hours or can last for whole day, as per your choice. The guests learn about the basic aspects of Yoga along with it’s relation to a healthy diet and the combined multiple benefits in serene ambiance of a Yoga studio or home. Along with certain important Yoga exercises, you can learn about various healthy foods, their preparation and healthy food habits which go well with peaceful yogic lifestyle. There is also the choice of learning to prepare some of these foods in a Yoga Food cooking class. The Yogic food classes  mentioned here can be customised to your choice.