Half Day Food Yoga Session

Short Yoga Food Tour ( 4 hours)

We can arrange for morning or evening sessions of this half day Yoga Food tour.

Introduce yourself to Yoga

You will be learning about the principles which form the base of Yoga. Trained instructors will guide and supervise you as you perform some basic to advanced Yogasanas (postures) accordingly. These postures have ancient roots and can be beneficial for a lot of common disorders of the body. They also promote general wellbeing and help in stretching the body.


Breathing exercises and techniques

Progressing from the Yoga postures, you will learn some extremely helpful breathing techniques. These exercises will aid in bringing calmness if practised for a longer period. You will be guided by a trained instructor who will also help to clear your doubts. After this, you will do some meditation to calm the mind.

The benefits of Yoga Food

Post the Yoga session, the guests will be taught about Yoga Foods, their basics, requirements and benefits. Some guidance as to the preparation of a Yogic meal will also be provided. Also taken into consideration are the emotions and feelings of the person preparing the meals.

You may return to your hotel after this. You also have the alternative of cooking a Yogic meal and eating it before returning.


Duration: 4 hours.

Includes: Yoga class, breakfast or dinner, transportation

Price: INR 6500 (US $ 108) for one guest., INR 4500 for each extra guest. (US $ 75)

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