Full Day Food Yoga Session

Yoga Food Tour for the whole day

Beginning either in early morning or noon, this tour will take you to the Yoga studio or home from your hotel. Transportation facility will be provided. The guest will then be served a light Yoga food meal.


Yoga and Yogasana introduction

You will be introduced to the age-old art of Yoga, by understanding its tradition. You will also learn about the various principles and benefits of performing Yoga. You will be guided by a qualified trainer who will answer your questions and guide you. Guests will also perform some Yogasanas( Yoga Postures) that form the basis of Yoga practice.

Breathing exercises with deep meditation

After performing some basic Yogasanas, the qualified trainer will guide you to learn some very basic breathing techniques from the age-old scriptures of India. After this you will be taught some meditation to bring a sense of peace. These techniques are extremely effective and can benefit you in the long run if you learn them correctly and continue to practice them back home.

Rest and relaxation

Rest and relaxation follows after this comprehensive Yoga session, where you may simply want to laze around or chat with your instructor or fellow students.

Introduction to Yoga Food Diet

After resting a little, we re-start our session by learning something about the Yoga Food or Yogic diet, also known as SATTVIC diet. This is an important adjunct to Yoga. This Yoga diet is a simple yet nourishing vegetarian diet. A brief on how to best prepare these foods will also be given.


Duration: 8 hours.

Includes: Yoga class, 2 meals, breakfast and lunch or lunch dinner, transportation

Price: INR 10000 (US $ 166) for one guest., INR 7500 for each extra guest. (US $ 125)

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